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null Foopak Natura Cup

Foopak Natura Cup

Foopak Natura Cup

Product by Foopak

Product Type
Food Packaging Board
Product Industry
Food and Beverages
Product Application
Food Packaging

Foopak Natura Cup using certified wood sources, with natural shade, OBA-free, and poly-coated board, our Natura Cup offers strong wicking resistance and good barrier performance, as well as uniform rim formation and superior printability, with hygienic manufacturing standards for food and beverage applications, both hot and cold. This product is designed to prevent any liquid seepage on the cutting side.

Product Features :

  • PEFC Certified
  • Strong edge wicking resistance
  • Good barrier performance
  • Excellent uniform rim formation

Product Range :

Standard GSM (base board): 190, 210, 230, 240, 260, 280, 300
PE weight is to be added in base board gsm to get the total weight
Available for 1 side or 2 sides PE (gloss or matt finished), with option 15, 18, 20, 22, 24 GSM for each side
Available for sheet, roll, and bobbins (slitting roll)

End Application :

Hot/cold beverage, noodle cup, soup cup, food bucket, food box, ice cream, partition lunch box

Printing Method :
Offset, Flexo

Temperature Range :
Minus 18 to 100 oC (1 min. in microwave)

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