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Foopak Bio Natura

Product by Foopak

Product Type
Food Packaging
Product Industry
Culinary and Restaurant
Product Application
Food Packaging

Foopak Bio Natura is designed to be the solution of eco-friendly food and beverage packaging, using proprietary aqueous dispersion coating technology to replace the plastic lining in the foodservice industry. Foopak Bio Natura using only certified wood sources, OBA-free, high-temperature resistance, and strong edge wick, giving the product superior function than normal cupstock. With its non-plastic nature, it can be composted within 12-weeks in the industrial compostable facility, and 26-weeks in home composting. Foopak Bio Natura is also recyclable and repulpable without any additional treatment or process.

Product Features :

  • PEFC Certified
  • Plastic free, eco-friendly
  •  Compostable, EN13432 certified
  • Recyclable and Repulpable without additional process, EN 13430 certified
  • Heatsealable
  •  High temperature resistance, BfR 36/2 tested
  • Strong edge wicking resistance

Product Range :

    Standard GSM: 200, 220, 240, 250, 270, 290, 310 
    Available in sheet, roll, and bobbins (slitting roll)

End Application :

Hot/cold cups, food container, rice bowl, noodle cup, soup cup, food bucket, snack cup, lunch box & horticultural pot.

Printing Method :

Offset, Flexo

Temperature Range :

Minus 18 to 200 oC (3 min. in microwave)






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