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Family cluster case hike up

At least 230 families in five major cities in Indonesia, such as Bekasi, Bogor, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Malang have become new COVID-19 clusters. The numbers continue to spike up. Epidemiologists warned if serious action isn't taken seriously, the positive case will be up to to 85% just from this cluster.

 Family cluster occurs when one member gets  infected then transmits it to other family members and eventually the whole family is infected with COVID-19.. In Indonesia, the family clusters begin in early August. Several factors may affect such as family members health condition and air ventilation in the house.  Not to mention the family members activities outside the house such as working places, or using public transportation. 

But there are several things that we could do to prevent the transmission, pay attention to ventilation,  open windows and doors to let air flow. Don’t stay in a closed room for long hours. Maintain a distance between family members, if that is not possible, using a mask in the house will help. Separate place in house for highly risk family members with the one that is active outside the home. 

But the most important is to maintain health protocol even inside of the house. Don't forget to wash your hands, shower and clean all the belongings upon returning home. We #FightCOVID-19 together. 

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