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null Enza MF Machine Finished Paper

Enza HS Brown - Brown Kraft

Enza MF Machine Finished Paper


Enza MF is an uncoated machine finished paper with good surface
smoothness on both sides, adequate sheet stifness and good strength
performance. Enza MF Is available In three color choices (brown, gold and
white) to accomodate the needs of quality paper bag, envelope, folder,
brochure,etc. Enza MF also comply with FDA standard and BFR XXXV for
direct food contact and is suitable for food tray and cutlery wrapper


  • Shopping Bag

  • Food Bag

  • Book Cover

  • Label Tag

  • Flour Sack

  • Fruit Wrapper

  • Liners




  • Good smoothness

  • Good strength in tensile, tearing and bursting

  • High folding endurance

  • Good dimensional stability

  • Comply with FDA standard and BFR XXXVI for direct food contact

  • Good runnability In converting processes.






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