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null Enza HS High Smoothness Kraft (Textile Transfer Paper)

Enza HS High Smoothness Kraft (Textile Transfer Paper)

Enza HS High Smoothness Kraft (Textile Transfer Paper)

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High Smoothness Kraft


Enza HS is an uncoated machine glazed finished paper with light glossy appearance on one side and a bit coarse surface on the reverse side. Enza HS Is available In three color shades ( Sinar Royal White, Mho and fuland) to accomodate the needs of quality paper bag, envelope, folder, brochure, etc. it is safe for direct food contact, comply with US FDA standard and BFR >DOM certification.




Enza HS sublimation textile transfer paper Is a specialty developed paper for fast and efficient heat transfeesublimation process. Our transfer paper has fast drying time and excelent image transfer capability to assure a very economical and productive process.


  • Fast ink drying

  • Excellent km sharpness

  • Superb and quick transfer properties

  • Outstanding lawIlat performance

  • Exceptional quality consistency


  • Testae sublimation printing

  • Image transfer on polyester textiles

  • Suitable for high speed and large volume printing applications

  • For low to medium Ink coverage







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