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null Enza HS High Smoothness Kraft (Interleaving Steel Paper)

Enza HS High Smoothness Kraft (Interleaving Steel Paper)

Enza HS High Smoothness Kraft (Interleaving Steel Paper)


Enza HS is an uncoated machine glazed finished paper with light glossy appearance on one side and a bit coarse surface on the reverse side. Enza HS Is available In three color shades ( Sinar Royal White, Mho and fuland) to accomodate the needs of quality paper bag, envelope, folder, brochure, etc. it is safe for direct food contact, comply with US FDA standard and BFR >DOM certification.


                                     INTERLEAVING STEEL PAPER

Enza HS interleaving steel paper is a bleached glazed haft paper with strong, smooth and excelent formation, controled (neutfaft pH and a high degree of mechanical and chemical purity.


  • High tensle strength

  • Excellent smoothness

  • Neutral pH levels and impurity free

  • Heat resistance

  • Suitable for running on high speed machine


  • For al applications involving contact with other demanding materials

  • Protective paper for steel sheets/reels

  • Protecting the sensitive surfaces of offset printing plates







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