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null Elementary school children learn to grow medicinal plants.

Our ‘Tomorrow’ Learns Conservation Today


These children show their interest learning variety of medicinal plants and their benefits. These children come from various school in Riau, they are invited to learn about conservation and medicinal plant. They seem enthusiastic on learning to grow these medicinal plants.

This teaching is part of Jaga Wiyata, a collaboration of the with Dyandra and APP Sinar Mas to provide an understanding of environmental conservation to the next generation. It was held on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 in Perawang’s YPPI Elementary School. This year, Jaga Wiyata focused on introducing medicinal plants or live pharmacies, considering that Indonesia has abundant variety of medicinal plants. The younger generation needs to know about the life pharmacy and its benefits so can learn to preserve it.

Michael Sumarijanto, Indonesian Botanic Garden Foundation deputy chairman I said that this kind of activity had an important role in educating Indonesia’s young generation on biodiversity. While the Director of PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk – Perawang, Hasanuddin hoped that the students will supporting environmental sustainability for the better future.

Not only medicinal plants, but these students also learn the fire operation drill. They are being taught about forest fire and how to prevent it from APP Sinar Mas Fire Operation Management (FOM) Riau. “We want to educate the students about forest fires and prepare them since most of them live in the forestry areas” said PT Arara Abadi’s FOM Head, Deny Widjaya.

This activity is a series of the Jaga Bhumi Goes to School movement program specially made for elementary and secondary schools in several regions in Indonesia. It has visited DKI Jakarta, West Java and Bali since last year.

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