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null Concerns mount as medical workers suffer pandemic burnout

Concerns mount as medical workers suffer pandemic burnout

Doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians are supposed to be the superheroes of the pandemic. But despite the accolades, many confide that the past months have left them feeling lost, alone, unable to sleep. They second-guess their decisions, experience panic attacks, worry constantly about their patients, their families and themselves, and feel tremendous anxiety about how and when this might end. This is called burnout syndrome. 

Till this day, 115 doctors died from COVID-19 in Indonesia which is also the second highest death rate in South East Asia. That is adding more pressure to Indonesia's health system which still considers the second lowest in Asia. Imagine in normal condition 4 doctors have to serve 10,000 patients more over now during the pandemic. 

University of Indonesia research found out that stated 83% of medical personnel have burnout syndrome starting from moderate to severe level. These frontliners are twice at risk of experiencing burnout syndrome and losing empathy than those who do not treat COVID-19 patients.

Researchers assess that the syndrome could have long-term effects which eventually affects their health and ultimately affect the health service. 
So as a community, we are obligated to help these frontliners simply by conducting the health protocols. Help them simply by using your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands and most important is stay at home. 

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