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null Build your own garden!

Build your own garden!

You don't always need a large area to start gardening at home, even the beginners can do that easily. Here's the things you can do:

1. Choose the type of plant

Start by growing plants that you like and what your family needs. These are vegetables that is adoptable and easy to take care of such as spinach, kale, lettuce or cucumber. You can also use fruit or plant seeds like tomato, chilli, or strawberry seeds from your kitchen and transfer it to your growing medium.

2. Adjust the growing area

Vegetables require an average of about six hours of sunlight per day and preferably in the morning. Use the roof, window or fence to place your plants in order to get optimal sunlight.

You can also make the vertical garden if you have limited horizontal space for planting. Use the wall to keep plants growing on a vertical surface, plant them at the top so they create shade underneath.

3. Growing medium and nutrition

Growing medium is a place where the plant grows, which can be in the soil or in water (hydroponic). Choose a growing medium that you think is easier to use. If you use soil, make sure that the soil is highly nutritious and loosening your soil so that you can get maximum growth for the plant.

Like other living things, plants also need additional nutrients, and you can get it from organic compost. You can make your own compost from leftover kitchen organic waste or buy it on the market.

By gardening at home, you can also learn to accept things that are out of your control. One must try to make the plants grow perfectly, but at the same time leave the results to nature or the plants themselves. So, are you ready to start this new hobby? Good luck!

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