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null Asia Pulp & Paper Launches New Ecologico – 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Photocopy Paper

Asia Pulp & Paper Launches New Ecologico – 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Photocopy Paper


Jakarta, 14 September – Asia Pulp & Paper today announced the availability of its new Paperline Eye Care photocopy paper across Latin America.  This new ecologico 100% PCW (post-consumer waste) recycled photocopy paper is a fresh, glare-free, and crisp high whiteness sheet, ideally suited for everyday home, office and quick-print uses. 

Paperline Eye Care eco-friendly recycled paper delivers superb high-quality printing, while utilizing advanced papermaking techniques to produce a 135% whiteness level.  Its natural soft tone resembling natural light, significantly reducing eyestrain, while providing the same level of whiteness as virgin photocopy paper. 

The paper is PEFC certified, acid free and is available in LS (8.5” x 11”), A4 (8.25” x 11.75”) in both 70 and 75 gsm’s. Paperline Eye Care possesses outstanding opacity and smoothness for high-speed output runnability performance on short or long volume runs with one or two sides laser or ink jet printing with 100% ink coverage, maintaining beautiful sharpness and solid color contrast.

“Paperline Eye Care, delivers a unique and highly demanded solution into the Latin American marketplace, a high white photocopy paper utilizing 100% sustainable materials,” said Vikas Gupta, Sr. Vice President Sales, Asia Pulp & Paper. “The craftmanship of Paperline Eye Care matches natural light, reducing eyestrain, perfect for day-to-day printing and writing.”

Paperline Eyecare is part of the Paperline family of quality digital copy papers available in various specifications for multiple end use applications.




About APP Sinar Mas

APP Sinar Mas is a trade name for a group of pulp and paper manufacturing companies in Indonesia and China. APP is responsible for delivering quality products to meet the growing global demand for tissue, packaging and paper, with an annual combined pulp, paper, packaging product and converting capacity of over 19 million tons per annum. On any given day, APP’s products find their way into the hands of consumers in various branded forms from all over the world.

Ensuring supply chain integrity and commitment to the Sustainable Roadmap Vision 2030 are crucial to APP’s operations. Learn more about APP’s path to operational excellence by reading our Sustainability Reports and Forest Conservation Policy at


For media enquiries, please contact:

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Ian Lifshitz

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