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null APP, The Embassy of Indonesia in Singapore and WTA Plant Trees for Every Ace

APP, The Embassy of WTAPlant Trees for Every Ace

Pekanbaru, 8 December 2016 – Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore and the Women's Tennis Association World (WTA) on December 8th 2016 met its commitment to plant a tree for every ace served during the BNP Paribas WTA Finals in Singapore on October 23rd - 30th, 2016.

The tree-planting ceremony, was attended by a wide range of stakeholders, including Siak District’s Forestry Agency Head Ir. Fahrizal Labay,Mr. Syafrilenti, Minas Tahura Forest Management Unit(KPHP) Head Mr. Fredrik Suli, Minister Counselor of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore Mr. John Tjahjanto Boestami, Marketing Director of WTA Singapore Ms. Darrelle Eng,  APP representatives Mr. Suhendra Wiriadinata, Mr. Tan Ui Sian and Mr. Dolly Priatna. Legendary Indonesian music group Bimbo, as environmentalists and advocates in forest conservation also participated.

The ceremony, which plants 150 seedlings of Red Balau, an endangered tree species native to Sumatra and Kalimantan, took place in the Arboretum area of PT Arara Abadi, one of APP’s suppliers in Riau. Based on a research by Kyushu University Japan, the Arboretum area is considered to have a high conservation value with over 300 different plants existing within in hundred-meter range.

The inauguration and the opening of Planting activity

The tree-planting ceremony contributes to the restoration and protection program in the degraded forest area of the Giam Siak Kecil - Bukit Batu biosphere reserve. The program is focused on the area of KPHP Minas Tahura, which spans across 6,172 hectares, using  community-based approach.

Embassy of Indonesia in Singapore planted a tree by Mr. John Boestami

WTA also planted tree in Arboretum by Ms. Darrelle Eng

In April 2014, APP announced its commitment to protect and restore forests in ten landscapes in Sumatra and Kalimantan, one of which is the landscape of Giam Siak Kecil in Riau province. This commitment is part of the Forest Conservation Policy that was launched by APP in February 2013, whereby APP Sinar Mas committed to protecting all natural forests in the area where APP Sinar Mas and its suppliers operate.

In total there are more than 150 trees are planted during this event including those WTA participants who wanted to plant trees in Riau around 20 peoples.

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