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null APP Sinar Mas Quran Program continues for #82yearsSinarMasAnniversary

APP Sinar Mas Quran Program continues for #82yearsSinarMasAnniversary

Commemorate Sinar Mas 82 years anniversary, APP Sinar Mas in collaboration with Sinar Mas Muslim Foundation, and JNE continues the Quran donation program. The collaboration was conducted using crowdfunding platform which also encourages others to donate Quran for good cause. 

APP Sinar Mas will  double Quran numbers from the crowdfunding until it reached 10,000 copies.

"The Religious Affair Ministry stated that 65% of Indonesian Muslims have not been able to read the Quran . Due to this reason, we collaborate and encourage people to take part providing Quran to those who need it. 

Andi F Noya praised the collaboration. "We learn to share and multiply goodness. We hope with this collaboration, we will be able to share goodness with others. 
The Quran donation would be  distributed to Islamic boarding schools in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

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