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null APP Sinar Mas Organizes Customer Gathering “Jeet ka Ikka” in Pune, India

APP Sinar Mas Organizes Customer Gathering “Jeet ka Ikka” in Pune, India

Pune, the second largest city in the state of Maharastra after Mumbai, is an important hub for education, IT and manufacturing. It is an important market not only for APP Sinar Mas, but also for all copier mills.

Last December 20th, 2018 we organized an event at the Hyatt Regency to engage directly with customers. Working closely with our distributor, Nitin Biyani and his team, we had identified 40-45 key potential wholesalers (T2 customers) in Pune and surrounding cities. We worked with an event agency to execute the event, named Jeet ka Ikka, which means securing victory.

We opened Jeet ka Ikka with a lamp lighting ceremony and engagement activities. We then gave a presentation to introduce APP Sinar Mas, our global business and the crucial role we would have in the Indian copier paper import business. We explained APP Sinar Mas’s business goals, and our intention to grow together with them in the Indian market. Regional Sales Head Niraj Sinha gave a detailed presentation showcasing APP Sinar mas’s global presence, its production facilities, and its various programs centred on environmental sustainability and community development.

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