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null APP Makes Television Debut on Discovery Science Channel

APP Makes Television Debut on Discovery Science Channel

Asia Pulp & Paper’s Indah Kiat Perawang Mill was the subject of an insightful episode of Tomorrow’s World Today, an investigative program on Discovery’s Science Channel, which aired in May this year. Emmy-award winning host and science-enthusiast, Tamara Krinsky, visited Asia Pulp & Paper in Indonesia to learn about how paper is made, and our sustainable development roadmap that ensures a renewable source of paper supply well into the future.

The program takes a deeper look at APP’s commitments in sustainability, and our pursuit of innovation across the value chain, from nurseries to finished products, to help drive both business and environmental outcomes.

From our work with local villages to protect and rehabilitate natural forests, to our increasing use of renewable energy like biomass and black liquor, viewers are able to see how our Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 and Forest Conservation Policy are influencing our operations and improving circularity.

“Even as advancing technology changes the way we live, paper continues to be a vital part of our everyday, from hygiene and healthcare to creativity and commerce,” said Goh Lin Piao, Managing Director of Asia Pulp & Paper. “At Asia Pulp & Paper, we have adopted leading-edge technologies in every part of our business, such as smart management of plantations and efficient mills that capture byproducts for reuse and energy sources. This allows us to produce versatile paper products in increasingly safe, responsible and sustainable ways.”

Watch highlights from the episode at

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