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Alek: Start small finish big


Give Up is not  an option for Alek,  a hard-working farmer from Riau, struggled to find customers when he started his fertilizer business back in 2009. Though he never dispiritedly,  believes that things will get around.  

And he is right.  , after he joined the DMPA program in 2016 through PT Arara Abadi, Alek together with other  fellow farmers at Kelompok Tani Mutiara Indah trained, funded and even received assistance to market their products.  The program enabled the farmers to earned  IDR 10 million per month from their business, they also  provided around  1 ton of compost daily for APP  concession in Riau.

"By giving fertilizer to the forest, we will have mutual  prosperity," Alek said.

This collaboration contributes to the community's prosperity and reduces their  dependence on forest which eventually reduces the forest fire. Other inspiring stories:

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