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null A Meaning of Kartini's Day Today

A Meaning of Kartini's Day Today

The Kartini's Day is an Indonesian celebration where it is commemorated on 21 April every year in honouring Raden Ajeng Kartini, a patriotic figure for defending women’s equality. Various celebrations were done not only remembering her but also appreciations to all Indonesian women heroes who have dedicated their thoughts and actions towards emancipation in Indonesia. 

Throughout the life of Kartini, she is known to be a firm and straightforward lady who objected every sets of patriarchal culture and beliefs that a woman is born unequal and inability to perform various jobs that were done only by men. Kartini also does not agree with the stereotype that said women capability only destined household tasks - cooking, house chores and fetching water in wells.

In Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas, the figure of R.A Kartini is reflected on Jasmine Natalia Prihartini Doloksaribu or known as Jasmine. Entering her 17 years working in APP Sinar Mas, Jasmine currently hold a position as Head of Landscape Conservation, Health, Safety & Environment in the Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement division.

Jasmine is responsible for various initiatives and programs related to conservation and implementing Occupational Health and Safety (K3) strategies in APP Sinar Mas. Her responsibility requires Jasmine to visit operational areas to directly oversee and ensure that plans are well placed aligning with the sustainability of the company programs and policies.

Travelling distance and visiting remote places within the forest does not stop Jasmine’s enthusiasm in accomplishing her duties. Whilst some people choose to work comfortably in an air-conditioned room, Jasmine enjoys what she does, going to site hopping, building relationship with stakeholders, interacting with community, and trying new experiences.

“Adapting and being independent are the two things I apply in my work. When facing uncertainties in the field, I will manage it and try not to bother others, even though there’s a saying that women may have more needs than men do,” said this mother of two children.

Being a woman for Jasmine means dare to innovate. During her tenure in APP Sinar Mas, she and her team accomplished many conservation programs, also building internalization program for Health, Safety & Environment for employees, specifically for HSE-Forestry APP Sinar Mas team through “HSE-Forestry School”.

HSE-Forestry School made possible HSE-Forestry personnel in APP Sinar Mas across the regions in Indonesia to advance their knowledge and skills in Health, Safety and Environment through training and module learning. The school aims to improve the quality of knowledge and to adapt with the trend and condition.

The Meaning of Kartini's Day

For Jasmine, Kartini is reflection of an intelligent and independent woman. The struggle for emancipation is not only limited to demanding equal rights, but also encourages women to equip themselves with adequate abilities and knowledge.

Jasmine, who is registered and an active member representing APP Sinar Mas in the Consumer Group Forum (CGF) – Forest Positive Coalition in the Production Landscape field and in the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) in the Quality Assurance Working Group, is planning to continue her learning undertaking post graduate studies. next. She believes that the nature of women as mothers should not make women afraid and shunt themselves of having higher dreams. Jasmine has proven that she can balance and done these three responsibilities all together – taking a higher education, achieve good career, and as a good mother in a harmonious family.

“Women must be strong, having the will-power to learn, face obstacles and challenges in life; because for every great mother, born great children who will someday become the nation’s successor in achieving Indonesia Gold 2045,” said Jasmine.

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