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APP Sinar Mas Partners TEDxGlasgow

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) Sinar Mas was a partner organization and participant at the TEDx Glasgow 2021 Conference which took place in the lead-up to COP26 held in the city.

The conference’s theme, Make or Break, mirrors the words of United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’ statement that 2021 is a ‘make or break’ year to confront the global climate emergency.

Dr Liz Wilks, APP’s EU Director – Sustainability and Stakeholder, in highlighting the company’s actions around its Sustainable Roadmap 2030 on carbon reduction, reforestation and sustainable livelihoods at a Partner Workshop during the event, said the platform allowed APP to create the emphasis and dialogue on the issues that matter, on a global scale.

Both APP and TEDx share a common mission to create a sustainable future through multistakeholder collaboration, innovation and the sharing of ideas and best practices.

"Sustainability and equality may be local issues but they have global consequences. Partnerships like this one with #TEDxGlasgow provide an opportunity to contribute to, and learn from, a sea of global experience. Such multi-lateral sharing and problem solving is how we will grow our tomorrow", added Dr Wilks.

The goal is not just to inspire, but for parties to work collaboratively to accelerate climate action as the challenge to achieve a Net Zero world is too big an issue to be solved by any single party alone.

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