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null During the Dry Season, APP Sinar Mas Trained 799 Firefighters at OKI

During the Dry Season, APP Sinar Mas Trained 799 Firefighters at OKI

In anticipation of forest fires, The South Sumatra Provincial Government through the regional disaster management agency (BPBD) has mapped around 300 villages prone to land and forest fires and APP Sinar Mas deployed 799 trained fire-fighters.

APP Sinar Mas conducted a mapping of fire-prone areas up to the distance of 5 KM from the concession border to identify areas with the most potential of forest fire. For mitigation strategies aimed at reducing the risk of fire hotspots, around 799 trained fire-fighters were deployed in several points near the company’s concessions. The fire-fighters are equipped with complete equipment, water bombing helicopters, patrol cars, fire extinguishers, fire towers and surveillance cameras.

Three water bombing helicopters are on standby throughout the dry season of 2019 within the vicinity of the company's concession area and the Ogan Komering Ilir area, known as a dry prone district.

The prevention strategy is carried out in collaboration with the community through the Integrated Forestry and Farming System, working together with companies and community groups for socialization activities and educating the public on the danger of slash and burn to clear the land.

In anticipation of a fire occurring in 2019, the company joint forces with the Indonesia National Armed Forces, National Police and Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management.  Six joint posts were on standby to increase security in the area by monitoring for hotspots.

The monitoring itself is carried out directly to detect the hotspots before the area of burning reaches 0.1 hectares.  Due to its many facilities such as such as 135 monitoring posts, 19 drones, 23 fire towers, and 35 mini fire towers, this effort can be done optimally.

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