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25.09.2017 |
New Findings Show Asia Pulp and Paper’s Foopak Bio Natura Cup Stock, available from Charta Global, Can Fully Decompose in 12 Weeks
The product will be on display at booth #7950 at PackExpo in Las Vegas, NV from September 25-27                Las Vegaz, September 25, 2017 Charta Global, provider of office and graphical papers, food grade and packaging boards for North and South America and strategic partner to Asia Pulp & Paper, has announced its eco-friendly Foopak food...
15.09.2017 |
The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, The Indonesian Trade Promotion Center and Asia Pulp & Paper showcase innovative food packaging and paperboard products at Espacio Food & Service 2017
Jakarta, September 13, 2017 -  The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia supported by the Chilean Office of Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), announced it has partnered with Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) to recently exhibit APP’s innovative food packaging and premium packaging boards at Espacio Food & Service 2017.
14.09.2017 |
APP a “Cheese 2017” in collaborazione con PEFC per contrastare il cambiamento climatico
Padova, 14 settembre2017 - Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Italia partecipa all’evento “Cheese”, edizione 2017, organizzato da Slow Food, in collaborazione con PEFC Italia, partner ambientale della manifestazione, in qualità di fornitore di carta e cartone ottenuti da produzione sostenibile e certificata PEFC.
06.09.2017 |
Il packaging Out of Home tra nuove tendenze e nuove opportunità.
I due lati della medaglia nella ristorazione fast food       
06.09.2017 |
Out-of-home Packaging: New Trends, Demands and Opportunities Part II
Since the economic downturn of 2008, consumption habits have changed significantly. Many consumers have turned to fast food instead of full-service restaurants. This would seem nothing but good news for quick-service restaurants (QSR), were it not that a new type of food operator came into play: fast casual restaurants. QSRs have also been facing...
06.09.2017 |
¿Cómo desarrollar un enfoque de paisaje en Indonesia?
En 2012, Asia Pulp & Paper se embarcó en una transformación muy ambiciosa de su modelo de negocio para eliminar la deforestación dentro de su cadena de suministro. Desde el 5 de febrero de 2013, la empresa obtiene su fibra de papel exclusivamente de plantaciones sostenibles. La Política de Conservación Forestal (FCP por sus siglas en inglés)...
06.09.2017 |
Out-of-home Packaging: New Trends, Demands and Opportunities
One of the most interesting emerging markets in the global paper and pulp industry is out-of-home packaging. Across Europe, home delivery and fast casual food may well overtake the market share of full-service restaurants by 2020.New ways of dining prompt restaurant and take-away food suppliers to implement new strategies, including the use of...
06.09.2017 |
Come sviluppare un approccio territoriale integrato in Indonesia?
Nel 2012 abbiamo preso una decisione importante: eliminare qualsiasi pratica di deforestazione dal nostro modello di business. Dal 5 febbraio 2013, la fibra di legno che utilizziamo per i nostri prodotti è ricavata solo da piantagioni gestite in modo sostenibile. 
29.08.2017 |
Cegah Longsor, APP, SESPIMPOL, dan Yayasan Belantara Tanam Ribuan Pohon
Lembang, 29 Agustus 2017 - Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas bekerjasama dengan Sekolah Staf dan Pimpinan Polri (SESPIMPOL) dan Yayasan Belantara melakukan kegiatan penanaman pohon di Lembang  Bandung, Jawa Barat. Pada kesempatan ini APP Sinar Mas menyediakan 1.600 bibit pohon untuk ditanam di area lahan kritis guna mencegah terjadinya bencana...
25.08.2017 |
Printing in Hong Kong & China 2017: Asia Pulp & Paper in China
When it comes to papermaking, it is impossible not to mention Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) or consider its importance to the print manufacturing and publishing industries. Its Gold East facility in Jiangsu Province, for instance, is the single largest coated paper mill in the world with an annual production capacity of two million tonnes. Many of...