15.11.2012 |
U.S. Industry Associations Welcome APP
I am very pleased to announce that APP has taken an important step in North America , having recently joined two high-tier industry associations.
13.11.2012 |
Forest Plantations in Indonesia
This guest post was contributed by David Biederman. David is a veteran business journalist and author. He frequently contributes to the Journal of...
01.11.2012 |
Common Ground at the Perawang Learning Centre
Justin Brown recently visited Indonesia as part of his role as books champion for the Cottonsoft Books for Change programme in New Zealand and...
31.10.2012 |
The Art of Give and Take in the Asian Century
As 11am ticked over on Sunday morning in Sydney I jumped online to download the hotly anticipated Asian Century White Paper, commissioned by the...
24.10.2012 |
Trade issues tabled as Indonesian delegation travels “Down Under”
As the chief executive of APP affiliates Solaris Paper-Australia and Cottonsoft New Zealand, I was invited to join the Indonesian delegation that...
22.10.2012 |
Sustainable Forestry is a Cornerstone of Strengthened US-Indonesian Trade
On September 25, I was fortunate enough to attend the International Trade Administration’s US-Indonesia Commercial Dialogue Plenary Meeting (the ITA...
19.10.2012 |
A Positive Impact Beyond The Mill Gates
As part of Solaris Paper -Australia’s Open Doors Program I recently had the privilege of meeting Ketut, the head of Community Development Department...
15.10.2012 |
Eyes on environment as bilateral trade with Indonesia takes off
Though most of the general chatter surrounding international trade seems to be about Australia and China, I suspect that behind some ministerial...
08.10.2012 |
Plantation-Pulp-Paper Integration Revamping China’s Paper Industry
Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive media event on the future of China’s paper industry, where I had the opportunity to...
27.09.2012 |
A call to arms to achieve sustainable peace
It was refreshing to hear a speech that wasn’t a speech at last week’s Sydney Peace Foundation’s Annual Forum, held in Sydney Australia.


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