20.07.2011 |
Indonesian Youth Protecting the Future
Education is a forever gift.
11.07.2011 |
Sustainability, who’s talking, who’s listening
There can be no doubt that sustainability is the “hot topic” of the pulp and paper industry. So much so, that a recent North American tradeshow (...
08.07.2011 |
Indonesian Festival in Tokyo
Last week, the second Indonesian Festival hosted by the Indonesian Embassy was held in Tokyo on July 9-10 at the Yoyogi Park. The theme of this year’...
08.07.2011 |
Holding up our end of the bargain
It has been nearly three years since 300 APP-China employees and stakeholders gathered in Hainan, an island located in the southernmost of China and...
29.06.2011 |
Conservation is the responsibility of all
I’m oftentimes asked why I work with NGOs or companies. But it’s not about the organization, it is about true conservation and protection of wildlife...
28.06.2011 |
What does the Year of the Forest really mean?
The United Nations has announced that 2011 is the year of the forest – what does that really mean to you?
06.06.2011 |
For a stronger Indonesia
Upon hearing the name Rosiana Silalahi or Rossy for short, I flashed back to 2003, when I watched her interview the President of the United States,...
26.05.2011 |
Becoming a Champion
A champion is not something you become by winning a competition. A champion is somebody you become through a process of self-improvement, sacrifice,...
24.05.2011 |
Time for addressing the global water crisis is today
The World Water Council estimates that today more than 1.1 billion people live without access to clean drinking water. An estimated 3,900 children...
23.05.2011 |
The VPA and Japan
A historic trade agreement that further strengthens the fight against illegal logging, the VPA (Voluntary Partnership Agreement), was signed between...


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